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My name is Holly and sometimes I like to take pictures of myself naked
I like sex, food and all that good stuff
I am 19 years old.

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I’m sick to death of receiving abuse from guys especially when they don’t get what they want. 
Yes, I may write some descriptive things on the pictures I post but it doesn’t automatically mean you can expect me to be horny twenty for fucking seven at your feet wanting to dirty talk with you.
I have a life. I don’t constantly sit at my laptop touching myself wanting to dirty talk or just in general do any dirty related things. No I’m not always horny. 
Stop expecting me to be this ‘whore’ just because I post provocative pictures of myself and say dirty things. I’m not some ‘slut’ you can come to when you fancy a ‘wank’ because I certainly wont assist you with that. Just because I run a porn blog does NOT make me some kind of constant horny girl who wants to send naughty pictures, cam sex, or dirty talk. And it most certainly does not give you the right to send me abuse when I ignore you.

(I apologize if I’ve offended anyone with my disgusting language)

40 notes - 27 February, 2013

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    Sorry, that you have go through that SHIT! I enjoy your blog and I get it. Keep up the Good work!!!!!
  2. ladyblue16 said: They’re all butthurt, don’t worry about them
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  6. smarn said: I have the exact same problem :/
  7. hotbodyprofiler said: From what I’ve seen posted, I’d say your completely justified and applaud your tolerance for making it this long with out snapping.
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